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Mikkel Anthonisen
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As founder of Sailing Sclerosis I urgently ask for your support to keep our boat while building up our next adventure - creating more Oceans of Hope

We are preparing for our next big project, Oceans of Hope Arctic Expedition. But we need your support to keep our beloved boat S/Y Oceans of Hope in the organization in this phase between projects.

Our boat, S/Y Oceans of Hope, is our principal tool in our work and indispensable for our projects and identity – living out our dreams and putting action behind words. Our boat is such stuff as dreams are made of. We are Oceans of Hope

A sail around the world has a lot of wear and tear on a boat.

Help us raise DKK 100.000 (Euro 13.000) to keep our boat - ready to create more Oceans of Hope - to be able to live out our new adventure and create more Oceans of Hope stories like your own.

"The ties between us, sailing on Oceans of Hope, have a special healing character - like new nerve fibers replacing those damaged. That´s very strong medicine"
Marie Stjernholm, MS crew, Denmark

“The name “Oceans of Hope” means there is hope for all of us, the boat was simply the vessel to get me there. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for giving me my life back!”
Todd Peter Reis, MS crew, USA

“Being on a boat gives us the opportunity to experience the greatness of life in the midst of our daily chores in a coherent and meaningful way, working together”
Mikkel Anthonisen, founder of Sailing Sclerosis


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Donations received through this campaign from Danish citizens will be subject to tax deduction in accordance to Danish Law of Assessment § 8A to the maximum amount of DKK 15.200 in 2016 and DKK 15.600 in 2017.


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  • Erik Johansson Erik Johansson Donated 80 €

    En gave skal være noget som giveren ønsker at give. Vi ønsker at Bertram får en god fødselsdag, og at Oceans of hope igen kan komme ud og give glæde til personer som lever med sclerose. Stort tillykke, Bertram, med de 25 år. Kærligst, Tove og Erik

  • Anonymous User Anonymous User Donated 365 €

    Hi, this 365 Euros is to pay Boo Barksdale's way on the Croatia trip. Robert Munn told me this would be a vehicle through which I could submit Boo's application fee for Croatia! He is SO excited about going!!

  • Mads Nielsen Mads Nielsen Donated 195 €

    Fantastiske initiativer fortjener store donationer - Here you go!!

  • Else-Marie Dalsgaard Else-Marie Dalsgaard Donated 2,025 €

    Fantastiske initiativer fortjener store donationer - Here you go!!

  • Jesper Dalsgaard Jesper Dalsgaard Donated 2,025 €

    Fantastiske initiativer fortjener store donationer - Here you go!!

  • Natalie Kanji Natalie Kanji Donated 130 €

    Thank you to the exceptional people behind the scenes for making this possible for us. Giving us hope, memories and encouraging us to never give up. OOH Family are the Best!!!!!

  • Tracey Mackenzie Tracey Mackenzie Donated 50 €

    Repayment of a loan. Dirk V told me to give the money to an MS charity!

  • Cope & Care Cope & Care Donated 200 €

    All the best to The Oceans of Hope!

  • Katharina Haug Katharina Haug Donated 100 €

    I´d like to enable people with MS sailing on this beautiful boat and gain some great experiences enriching their lifes

  • Susan Burall Susan Burall Donated 50 €

    Keep up the good work.

  • Bjarne Majlund Mikkelsen Bjarne Majlund Mikkelsen Donated 160 €

    Vi håber, at donationerne får og giver vind i sejlene !

  • Kar Berger Kar Berger Donated 20 €

  • karen Williams karen Williams Donated 25 €

    To support my dearest old friend Sue and others - best of luck! Karen

  • Familie og Samfund i Årby- Rørby Familie og Samfund i Årby- Rørby Donated 135 €

  • Anonymous User Anonymous User Donated 500 €

  • Peter Daudeij Peter Daudeij Donated 250 €

    Wishing lots of people a life changing experience with the Oceans of hope!! My experiences still keep me smiling everyday!

  • Bjarni Dagbjartsson Bjarni Dagbjartsson Donated 100 €

    I was lucky enough to be a part of the circumnavigation onboard OoH in 2015, wow what an experience! Hopefully we can see many others living with MS travel with the vessel in the future!

  • Tine Perlt Tine Perlt Donated 40 €

  • Anita og Bent Skydt Anita og Bent Skydt Donated 100 €

  • Yemisi Babalola Andersson Yemisi Babalola Andersson Donated 40 €

    De bedste ønsker

  • Jérôme Pinsonnault Jérôme Pinsonnault Donated 80 €

    Let start the year strong!

  • Todd Reis Todd Reis Donated 40 €

  • Tandlægeselskabet Arne Madsen aps Tandlægeselskabet Arne Madsen aps Donated 300 €

    Jeg havde selv en fantastisk oplevelse i april/maj 2015 og håber andre kan få lignende oplevelser

  • Peter Bosch Peter Bosch Donated 100 €

    OOH changed a lot of things in my life. Sailing with the OOH was a "once in a life time experience" , but I sincerely hope for all people with MS they should experience what we all experienced. And YES YOU CAN!!!!